Saturday, April 30, 2005

beauty & vicarious joy

This week's vicarious joy was sponsored by Mac and Bubbie, as we watched the county highway trucks scrape up the gravel on the side of the road. Brrmm!

Joy was also brought to our household by Buzz Saw Louie, the newest occupant of our one-acre farm. Louie was discarded as being too dangerous by my husband's bosses, now restored to well above his former glory.

The object of hours of fascination for our four children while Daniel saws up a big pile of birch, Louie also generously provided enough sawdust to mulch my strawberry bed, enabling me to replace last year's dead leaves with fresh golden sawdust. Brrmm! Brrmm!

I also had a moment of selfish joy, making another paint chip card, this one with a pun. (And the hardware store employee told me if I came back tomorrow when they closed, I could have all the paint chip cards I wanted, plus the wallpaper and fabric sample books. Woo hoo! Oh wait, this might be greed, not joy...)

This week's beauty was brought to us, as is typical for early spring, by our scilla siberica*, blooming Apr 23 and - a first for this year - our anenome blanda, blooming Apr 30.

*see post above

Surprisingly, though, the winner of this week's beauty award went to the skeletonized leaf of a Silver Poplar I found while raking.


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