Tuesday, April 19, 2005

crocus vernus

My crocus vernus made its appearance yesterday and is in full bloom for today.

this year the rabbits (or whomever was digging last year... I haven't seen many squirrels by our house) didn't touch it. I wonder if when bulbs successfully make it one year without getting eaten, then they have a greater chance of escaping getting eaten in future years? Maybe because the soil isn't disturbed?

Leeks and rhubarb have been up for probably a week. You can actually tell what they are now. Chives, garlic chives, and daylilies have tiny new leaves... and the chive blossoms I didn't clean up last year drooped over my strawberry bed and made a bunch of baby chive plants. Chickie wants them in "her" garden... I had to clean out a whole square of my garden to make little gardens for Big E and Chickie.


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