Thursday, April 21, 2005

the difference a year makes

Couch last year: a place for Kelly the Beached Whale to drag her body to every morning
Couch this year: a place to read stories to my five-year old and three-year-old

Weather last year: grey and sleeting, seen through the windows on a 2-1/2 hour ambulance ride
Weather this year: sunshine, near 80 degrees, seen on a wagon ride (though snow is in the forecast...)

Mac last year:

Mac this year:

Bubbie last year:

Bubbie this year:

Soundtrack last year: beeps, boops, and alarms; whimpers of tiny babies
Soundtrack this year: giggles and lusty screaming, pre-talking babble

Weight last year: Kelly huge, Bubbie tiny (5# 5 oz), Mac tinier (3# 13 oz)
Weight this year: combined weight about the same, but Bubbie is now 21 lbs and Mac is now 17 lbs. (thanks guys, I needed to lose those 30 lbs!)

Location last year: the Neonatal ICU, aka the NICU

Location this year: home

Company last year: Mama, Papa, Mac and Bubbie, 18 other babies and their parents, a host of doctors and nurses
Company this year: the whole family, plus a few good friends

Worries last year: Bubbie can't breathe on his own. Mac's head is the size of a large orange. Bilirubin counts. Daily blood drawings. Beeping monitors. Big E and Chickie (age 5 and 3) being separated from Mama for nearly a month. Whether or not we will get any sleep ever again.

Worries this year: Side effects of Mac being weaned off the last of his preemie medicines. Whether or not the local pizza place will make ham and pineapple pizza for us. Whether or not we will get any sleep ever again.

Baby's menu last year: mama's milk through an OG tube, plus lipids and fluids via IV
Baby's menu this year: Gerber "turkey dinner with vegetables", Cheerios, mangoes, apples, bits of pizza crust...

...and birthday cake for dessert!

Happy first birthday Mac and Bubbie!
God has sure been good to you, and to us.


Anonymous Aunt Karin said...

Happy Birthday dear nephlets! Many blessings to you and your wonderful family. xoxo

4/22/2005 2:21 PM  

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