Thursday, April 28, 2005

Paint Chips

The local hardware store is going out of business - the final sale starts today. I thought today I would go and ask them if I could have all their old paint chip cards. (Or buy them for cheap. I'm terrible about asking for favors.)

Anyways, last night I was dreaming about paint chips and all the things my sister and I had talked about doing with them... (for instance, I'd wanted to scatter them all over the kitchen floor artistically and then pour a few gallons of polyurethane on top of them. My husband and my sister weren't as enthusiastic about that idea, for some reason.)

I started thinking perhaps I could just glue whole paint chip cards onto blank greeting cards. Then I wanted a reason for the colors I chose. Then I thought it would be more fun to make my own names for the colors that would be meaningful to the recipients.

So I made my own paint chip cards from scrap paper, based on my favorite camp's table grace, with four colors: Pleasant Trees, Silver Rippling Waters, Flowers & Clouds, Undimmed Sunlit Sky.

And then I made one with local late summer flower colors: Tansy, Goldenrod, Aster, Fringed Gentian.'s a detail of it, for anyone interested.

Also finished another one I'm not quite as happy with yet, with spring things: Ladyslipper, Harebell, Fringed Polygala, Black Morel. The colors don't quite go together as well, and the harebell color isn't bright enough.

More cards in the works, after I buy some more blank cards:

Winter (red ozier, birch, cedar and spruce)
Midsummer (coreopsis, wild raspberry, blueberry, ?daisy)
Sunset looking east over the bay (sky above - medium blue, high clouds-blue violet, low clouds-golden pink, horizon-pinkish purple)

I'll have to start selling these guys just to pay for my habit. I'll start a cottage industry and call it Local Color.

...nah, maybe I'll just make lunch for my tribe, and then get them off to their naps so I can do the dishes and laundry I failed to do last night.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey! I didn't NOT like your idea about scattering them, I just thought if I did it, I'd have to cut them apart and use multiples of just-the-colors (no words or white gaps) that I wanted for it to please ME! -- said the sister, defensively! LOL!

I really like the cards, very creative with re-naming them in meaningful combinations. I'm singing Cedar Grace now. :)


4/29/2005 8:10 AM  

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