Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Postage stamps everywhere

Long, long ago in a life far away, even before children... nearly ten years ago... I worked at a place that received lots of mail each spring. I loved all the postage stamps, but I knew I didn't want to collect them. I wanted to use them.

Enter Mod Podge. I covered small cardboard boxes with postage stamps. I covered photo mats. I even covered the inside of clear plastic napkin rings I found at the dollar store.

I gave almost all of them away, thinking I'd make more. Sadly I don't have the time, or the large amounts of mail to harvest stamps from, anymore. Sadder yet, I can no longer find any clear plastic napkin rings. (sources, anyone?)

While working with envelopes I discovered that cancellations make pretty fun boxes, too. I liked using the subtlety of different envelope papers, and red and black cancellation marks.

It also proves how long ago I made all of these... as if you couldn't tell by the 32-cent postage!


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