Sunday, May 15, 2005

All in a day's adventure

We almost called off our adventure yesterday. It was grey and drizzly when we left our house. It was grey and rainy when we arrived at the ferry dock, with two friends of ours. (click on any of the photos to see the bigger one)

Our first destination was the Butterfly House. It was still cold and rainy, so we stopped on the tourist strip to fortify ourselves with fudge.

BigE and Chickie were awed that the butterflies would land on them. A Red Postman followed BigE around and landed on him most of the time. Chickie, our young friend and I were adopted by a Rusty Tipped Page.

A swallowtail landed near Mac and Bubbie... much to Mac's delight ("look! it flies!") and Bubbie's frustration ("why am I not being allowed to grab him and eat him?")

We spent a lot of time there, and by the time we came out, the sun was shining and it was a beautiful day with blue skies!

We walked around, enjoyed the view, mailed a postcard to Granny, and examined the cannons.

Due to a legal loophole we enjoyed an ice cream cone on the trip home. I had promised ice cream to the kids. Since it was so cold, I bought them fudge instead. But I never told them that the fudge was a substitute for the ice cream, and I didn't dream it would be warm enough by the time we left that they would want to eat ice cream! So, virtually unheard-of by my children, we had TWO TREATS IN ONE DAY.

As we left for home, the clouds closed back in and the drizzle started again. It was as if the three-hour sunshine (the only sunshine we had in the space of three days) was something God gave just to us as a special gift.

Since this blog is about things that bring me joy, I won't describe the post-sugar-high crash on the trip home or our tearful supper and bedtime. But our adventure itself was wonderful and wonder-filled.


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