Sunday, May 08, 2005

baby book for a future mechanic

When my first child was a baby, we got several cloth baby books. They were nice, but decidedly babyish... pastel blues and pinks and yellows. Not only that, but all of them taught BigE the same words: Ball. Rocking Horse. Teddy Bear. Toy Chest. *yawn...*

Are these the words my son is going to need to survive in the real world? Not if he grows up to be a mechanic like his Papa! So with Daniel's help and consultation, I made BigE a "real child's" cloth book that talked about important things: tools.

Shown above is the front cover with a small toolbox, and here are links to

page 2-3: utility knife and pliers.

page 4-5: coping saw, nut and wrench.

page 6-7: screwdriver, screw, hammer and nail.

the back cover (shown below): tape measure. (Daniel caught me just before I stitched "measuring tape" on the square: Apparently, "measuring tape" is the sissy fabric or plastic strip that tailors use to figure out how big around their waists are and how long their skirts should be.

The manly cube of metal with the retractable yellow metal ruler is a Tape Measure, not a Measuring Tape. So now I know, and can avoid embarrassing any of my children if they DO grow up to be mechanics or construction workers. Or tailors.

I can write out a cloth book tutorial if anyone's insterested... just drop me an email and let me know. (I'm a terrible seamstress, but the instructions ought to work just as well for people who actually have the patience to sew well and produce something with cleaner edges that actually line up.)


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