Thursday, May 19, 2005

Font Love is Here to Stay

My experience last month with Fontifier rekindled a lifelong love of fonts.

In high school I actually made $100 for designing a bitmap font that sold, with nine others, on a floppy disk. Not the little 5" disks, no... if I remember right... this was on one of those big 8" floppies. It was a jaggedy bitmap font that you couldn't enlarge or reduce. I was so proud of it. I think I even have a Xerox copy of the check, somewhere at my parents' house.

I was going to make my living this way. I sat around with graph paper, marking off 36 x 36 squares and trying to dream up what other fonts I could cram into those boxes.

So 20 years later along comes Fontifier where for $9 I can have my very own font.

The trouble is, by this time I have about three dozen very own fonts in my head. As my husband and I are missionaries, and don't raise the full amount of financial support we're supposed to, I had already ruled out the $200 solution - buying my own software.

But after buying my son his own $9 font, I was hooked. Is this true love, or is it just covetousness? Sometimes it's hard to tell. Sometimes it's both.

I wanted a clear sign from God that it really was OK for me to spend $200 on a font program -- something frivolous, just for me. Daniel kept telling me I could spend "our" money to buy it, he nearly bought it for me for Mothers Day (which we normally don't even CELEBRATE) but he knew I'd feel cheated somehow. I just didn't feel right spending our money.

So I told God that if he gave me the money somehow - either by my being able to scrimp and save enough, or by his supernatural provision, I would get the program. And otherwise, I wouldn't.

Two days ago I got a check from a stock company made out to my maiden name. I called the company to double-check, and it really IS mine, apparently one that I hadn't cashed long ago when I sold the stock. Amazing.

It's $143. Daniel is convinced that this is that sign from God we have been waiting for... that *I* have been waiting for, rather... to buy my silly font program. Now I'm taking my husband's word for it that this is the clear sign... no, I actually feel like it is. Yes, it's $57 less than we "need"... but really, we could have bought the program anyways, or I could have asked for it for Christmas... I just wasn't sure it was the right thing to do.

A check I didn't cash ten years ago, that only now appears at my doorstep? Made out to my maiden name so it's "my" money and not "ours"? Right after I've really laid to rest the idea of making greeting cards to sell at the local boutiques this summer, because that would take too much time away from the kids? And after I've realized that it would take me approximately four years to scrimp enough to buy it, and that would mean no new flowers for those four years?

Sure, you can go ahead and call it a coincidence.

Meanwhile I'll sit here and be amazed that God could love me enough to arrange this series of events, starting with my losing a check ten years ago... just so I could have a frivolous font program. Why should he care so much about me? And why does he choose to show it in this way?

Yesterday I downloaded it. The $100 TypeTool, with it's $100 plug-in called ScanFont is incredibly easy to use. You write out your letters on paper, stick it in your scanner, tell it to break it into letters, save it as characters, and then drag those characters to their proper places on the on-screen keyboard. I'm oversimplifying a little bit here, but not much. There are a lot of other more advanced features I don't understand yet, but I haven't worried about those yet. Whee!


Blogger meg said...

did you make the animal font at the top of this post, kel? i like it a lot.

you could burn and sell CD's of your fonts. at least until you make at least $57. ;-)

5/19/2005 9:29 PM  
Blogger kelly said...

yup, I made the animal font. Or at least the first four letters. I think I have CADD... that would be Craft Attention Deficit Disorder... whenever I actually make the whole set I'll email you the font.

Somehow I feel like God has some creative way of giving me the other $57... but maybe it will involve selling fonts. Or maybe I'll get to give them away as charity-ware, that would be fun!


5/21/2005 2:53 PM  

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