Friday, May 20, 2005

garden happenings

Oh joy, oh rapture... it's finally really Spring in the upper peninsula! Above: maple leaves! These photos were all taken Wednesday April 18.


Strawberries, both tame and wild. The flowers with dark centers have been hit by frost and will not make berries.

Bulbicodum Conspicuus in full bloom, at end of post. It's a lot smaller than I expected - from a distance they look like more dandelions in my yard.

Preparing to bloom:

wild Nodding Trillium

Fritillaria Meleagris, above. For some reason, out of the 25 or so bulbs I planted, I only got two blooms, and maybe five plants total.

My gardening to-do list, based on what survived and what didn't:

  • Pump house: move surviving Fritillaria bulbs together in front of the pump house.
  • dig up some wild Wintergreen (I saw some one town over from where we live) and try it in the sunken pot with the cranberries.
  • find something to plant in the wet shade, back of the pump house, where the corsican mint is breathing its last

  • garden in front of house: move all of the Iris danfordiae to the iris garden.
  • find a home for the single solitary purple Iris d. that made it in to the bag of yellow bulbs I bought
  • move the crocus Korolkowii out of the strawberry patch
  • get rid of the overgrown green onions
  • weed and mulch the back half of the garden, esp. the asparagus

  • side yard: move the rest of the Bulbicodum Conspicuus from side yard to front rock garden
  • try parsley again?

  • rock garden: just ignore it until everything else is tidied up.
I'm sure there's more to do, only I can't remember it at the moment.

My big discovery: I like to look at plants up close. I've always got the camera in macro mode. This attitude does not lend itself to good overall garden design. My one-acre yard is not that pretty... it's a disorganized jumble of plants which, individually, are beautiful. Perhaps I missed a calling to some tiny urban garden plot that only COULD be viewed up-close!


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