Monday, May 02, 2005

gold star on her forehead

Today's gold star for botany goes to my sister, who said that my flower mentioned in my last post (and shown below) looked more like chionodoxa than scilla.

I dug out the folder that I keep all my flower receipts and notes in, and lo and behold, she's right. I bought chionodoxa - the blue flowers with the yellow eye - in 2002. Not scilla, which have no yellow eye. She knows more about my garden than I do, even though she lives 200 miles away - that's nothing short of impressive.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Bah ha ha ha" replies the sister, who knows next to nothing about gardening. Scilla just happens to be the favorite flower in MY garden, and the very lame local paper just featured Glory-in-the-Snow (the layman's term for whatever the fancy Chinox.... thing is) and I put it on my "add to garden" mental list (which, unfortunately, has no save-feature) because the newspaper said it will naturalize and grow even easier than scilla - mine which came to me after maybe 60 years of someone ELSE caring for them, so I was blessed to inherit a siberian squill (common name) ocean.

But, receiving so few, I will keep the gold star, LOL.

5/02/2005 3:48 PM  

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