Saturday, May 28, 2005

Happy Birthday, Moogie!

Next week, my mom - known to her grandchildren as Moogie - will be 63 years young only 62! (Making her a year older than she is; how's that for a birthday present?)

The above photo (from last August) is one of my favorites because up until this April, my husband thought that this was a picture of ME holding Bubbie and Mac. Everyone who sees my mom and me together assumes that we are sisters. Even my children can't always tell us apart.

My kids think she is a lot more fun than Mommy. Maybe it's because she teaches them origami, writes their stories down as they dictate them, converted her basement into a workshop for her grandchildren, and has a house with four computers* and a whole bunch of computer games. Or maybe my kids are just really bright, and intuitively recognize how wonderful Moogie is.

*my dad was one of the original Mid-michigan Apple Club members and used to be part owner of a computer store... we owned one of the first home computers, an 8K Pet. 8K!

One of Moogie's claims to fame is her extensive knowledge of and love for butterflies. When she worked for the local school's Science Resource Center she helped put together elementary school science kits, including a unit on butterflies where they "hatched" Painted Lady butterflies. She has since learned a lot about all the local butterflies, read a lot of butterfly guides, tagged a lot of monarchs, and gotten the whole family interested in butterflies and migration.

So, for her birthday (and not coincidentally because I have a new font program that I'm having so much fun with), I created a butterfly font for her. Now, for a limited time only, my three or four loyal readers (and anyone else who stumbles across this blog) can download** this font and try it out on your computer! (but be warned, it's a big font... 800K... it would completely fill the memory of 100 original 8K Pet computers!) This font is property of Moogie and is available for your personal and nonprofit use, but cannot be used for commercial purposes without her permission.

**I couldn't make the Stuffit utility on my computer work, so if you click on the link your screen will download a bunch of random characters. If you let it load it and then choose "save as..." and save it as butterfly.ttf in your font folder... ...Now the font is zipped and should be working properly, thanks to my brother-in-law's extensive Mac knowledge! Hooray Dale! If it still does not work, email me and I can email you the file!

Happy birthday Moogie!


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