Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Making your own Rubberstamps

In the fall of 1997 I saw a book on nature printing where you ink fresh leaves, flowers, etc and press them on to paper. The cards and designs in the illustrations really impressed me - but it was fall and I wanted to play with the idea longer than the few weeks we'd still have fresh leaves.

About the same time I saw leaf rubberstamps for sale... somehow I got the idea to ink my leaves and put them on to a sheet of 'Foamies' craft foam, then cut them out, score them where their veins were, and glue them on to Lauan flooring. It worked!

I expanded the idea to handprints, a cross-section of an orange, and some handmade pictures, including a map of my state, quilt squares, hearts, cartoon trucks...

Tutorial here on my website.

Stuff I've made with the rubberstamps includes greeting cards,

wrapping paper,

and tagboard boxes (see tutorial for photos.)

I have a whole bunch of stamps that are cut and unmounted, including footprints of Mac and Bubbie, and baby handprints and footprints of Chickie and BigE.

I actually made the stamps of Mac and Bubbie's hands, because they made great (and easy) thank-you cards, with just the prints of their hands and their names below them. But the rest needs to be finished... someday...


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