Friday, May 06, 2005

seven joys for seven days

It was a week of being sick. Of fever, congestion, Kleenex, earaches and coughing. A week of no sleep. A week that started with snow flurries and is ending with cold rain. A week full of last-minute emergencies at work for Daniel. A week with no new flowers and still no leaves on the trees.

Nonetheless we had a few reasons to smile:

(1) Mac and Bubbie's first trip to the sandbox. Bubbie looked a lot like Papa with his new sand-beard.

(2) A new nephew! This brings my personal total to nine nephews and six nieces, as well as four kids of my own.

(3) Another birthday party! With balloons!

(4) The plants I ordered from Sandy Mush Herb Nursery arrived this week and we planted them:

Lawn Chamomile (Chamomile Treneague) and Creeping Mint Thyme and Elfin Thyme in between our side paving stones next to our porch, Golden Marguerite in our front rock garden, and Lime Thyme in our "real" garden.

We also have buds on our narcissus, golden hoop daffodils, fritillaria meleagris, and even on our trees!

(5, 6 and 7) A tenth-of-a-mile walk to the bridge.

I told God long ago I was willing to follow him to the remotest parts of the earth, but until it happened I always thought of it in terms of sacrifice, not in terms of a real gift! the trip to the bridge makes

(5) for me: Beauty,

(6) for Chickie: a chance to throw gravel and hear it go ploonk,

(7) for Mac and Bubbie:

happy baby fulfillment: banging!


Anonymous Martha said...

LOVE the baby banging video. That's fantastic.

5/10/2005 5:07 PM  

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