Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Tuesday news in color

News in lavender: a mystery flower in my side yard. My Audubon guide doesn't have it, and I haven't had time to look elsewhere to find out what it is.

News in blue: this is old news that I'm finally getting around to documenting: my stuffed denim cubes. Another photo here. I made these about five years ago out of scraps left over from my blue-jeans quilt. All the grownups think they are really cool, but all the kids who have seen them just yawn. They are a little too large for juggling or throwing around the house, after all... and I never made enough to make fortresses out of...

News in green: Once I had a friend who once saw the trees in spring here and remarked, "so that's why they named that crayon that color! I've never seen that color of leaves before!"

News in maroon: my little frittilaries are finally blooming!

News in black and white: I've mostly finished my bold map (drafting handwriting) font. I'm about halfway through a dingbat font that's to be a birthday present, which proved to be a lot more challenging than I expected. Also doing three or four handwriting fonts for high school graduation presents: that's where my other $57 for the font program is coming in - those three Yuppie foodstamps I don't have to put in the "congratulations" cards: All I spend is $3 on three CDs and jewel cases for the fonts! (Oh, yes, and lots of time...) I currently am having problems converting the fonts from "names" mode to "unicode" mode... apparently most of my programs operate in "unicode" mode. Maybe it's time to (gasp!) download the manual PDFs. Has it come to that? When I get a decent font without the unicode glitch, I'll post it so that my loyal readers (all, um, three of them?) can download it and try it out for themselves!

News in red: two days ago, Bubbie (right) figured out how to pull himself up to standing. Today Mac figured it out, too, and suddenly I have two short toddlers instead of two babies!


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