Monday, June 06, 2005

finishing the butterflies...

I hope none of my loyal readers are too tired of butterflies yet. I finished my font in haste for my mom's birthday, and only now "really" completed it. Version 1.1 is now available in "zipped" form on my website, download it here. If you've already installed the old butterfly font, my recommendation is to quit all your programs, delete the old butterfly.ttf, install the new one, and then restart your computer. Maybe it's overreacting... but some of my programs (particularly Mail) seem to be discombobulated by a font that changes underneath them.

What's changed? I added the names of the butterflies that were on the shift+number keys, and improved the spacing between butterflies (still not perfect, but...)

If you haven't figured it out yet, the butterflies are alphabetical on the keyboard (A=American Copper, B=Buckeye, etc); the 'extras' -- butterflies I made before I realized I could do a whole alphabet -- are on the number keys.

Hitting any key will give you just the butterfly, hitting the same key plus the shift key will give you the same butterfly with the name written underneath. If you want to test your butterfly knowledge you can use this to play a guessing game.

I amused myself today by printing one butterfly at a time at 300-point to see how much detail the font program retained from my original gif - an amazing amount. They'll make decent greeting cards, maybe even T-shirts :-) I am more and more in love with ScanFont and TypeTool, as I figure out how to use them.


And... to commemorate a T-shirt I made in college, I'm working on a font called Markley Hall. When I wore the T-shirt, people asked me what it said because they thought it was written in Greek rather than English.

Markley and the handwriting font have been a lot easier than the butterfly ones. I'm taking a break before I launch into my other pictorial fonts: animal font, barefoot font, and others...


Blogger Karin said...

Well...since my own handwriting absolutely blows, I'll pass on my "own, personal handwriting font"...but yes, I think yours is fairly accurate! I like the Markley Hall one a lot...way cool!

6/06/2005 10:13 AM  
Blogger kelly said...

Karin, I always loved your handwriting.

Yes, I'm sure that love was reinforced in a Pavlovian way - as seeing it always meant I got to hear how you were doing and what you were up to - but it's still true that I love it.

6/06/2005 10:22 AM  
Blogger Moogie said...

Wow I was way slow on seeing the added blog although I had installed the new font (I disabled the old) and that seemed to allow the instillation o.k.
Now that all the old e-mail is cleared out and our databases rebuilt I should go play--I wasn't sure what you ment by adding the names---wonderful simple approach. I want to try the cards next...Kim said Andfam birthday gift wasn't as unique as yours --a font of my own. I reminded Kim that Dale had helped with the ziping so they had a hand in a unique gift...I enjoy a gift card from Barn's and Noble too!

6/06/2005 1:38 PM  
Anonymous Kim said...

Oooh ooh oooh, I want a font of my handwriting, even if it's not as classy as yours. Can I buy your handwriting, too? I promise not to pass it off as my own. And I'm willing to trade, um ... something ... if I have anything you want. I can't think of anything you'd want, though, LOL ... but I'm willing! Oh, and I really like the Markley one, too. You're the coolest!

You color the butterflies for the images, right? Rather than the color being part of the font?

6/06/2005 1:41 PM  
Blogger kelly said...

Gee, thanks, Kim!

I emailed you my handwriting font. Now I can handwrite my emails to you. :-)

I'd be happy to make you a handwriting font... the clause was, if I know you OR for swap, not BOTH! :-)

If you *want* to make me something, then next time you're making some experimental dessert or snack that can be frozen or mailed, make a double batch. You are the dessert queen, at least in my book! :-)

Yes, I changed the font color for each butterfly in the screen shot; the butterflies are just a normal black-unless-you-choose-a-color font. I just didn't want a black-and-white blog.

6/06/2005 2:07 PM  

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