Monday, June 27, 2005

kites and photography

We went to a kite festival recently. We had a lot of fun flying kites, watching the stunt kites, and seeing the great big windsock-type lizards and other creatures floating in the air.

It also rekindled an old desire of mine and Daniel's: Kite Aerial Photography (known as KAP to the initiated.)

Yup, you put your camera and a bunch of remote control gadgetry on your kite and send it aloft to take pictures. We stumbled on to KAP accidentally, when I was looking for satellite aerial photos of a nearby business which had hired me to make a hand-drawn map of their nature trails.

I mentioned KAP three years ago to a college friend of mine while he was flying his kites. He promptly tied his camera to the kite string with the wrist strap, set the auto-timer on his camera, launched it as quick as he could... and actually got some good pictures that way.

Daniel and I are a little more cautious. Of course, Jon has taken KAP pictures at least three years sooner than we will. But we spent $150 on remote control gadgetry this weekend, so now we're committed. This is, if the Lord tarries, our next joint project.

It combines many of our favorite things we look for in a hobby: It's metalworking (building the rig.) It's outdoors. It's under $1000 (at least we hope so!). It's remote controlled. It's something we can make and use ourselves. It's risk-taking (without being TOO dangerous.) It promises take-home souvenirs in the form of photos. It's something the kids can participate in. And it's something "cool" without being unbearably trendy, (at least not yet, in northern Michigan!)

Of course, even with both of us working on it, we may need to recruit help to simultaneously fly a kite, run a four channel remote-control camera, and meet the needs of four small kids who all want to help us fly kites and take pictures!


Blogger Karin said...

Wow, Kel...that looks great! I love kites and think they're a lot of fun. I remember how cool I thought Jon's pics were, so I'm really looking forward to seeing yours!

6/28/2005 12:10 PM  
Anonymous kim said...

those are great pictures of the kite festival!

I remember the KAP thing ... I thought you flew-and-took some too, at the time.

I would've commented sooner but none of my RSS feeds worked this week, I got a bazillion today. I guess I shouldn't rely on them so much.

6/29/2005 11:17 AM  
Anonymous Jon said...

Frankly, your ground-based kite photos shown here are so good, we should all be so lucky. :) Can't wait till you've got some KAP to show us.

7/01/2005 3:35 PM  

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