Saturday, June 11, 2005

learning to love pink

Pink has never been one of my favorite colors but I'm learning to appreciate it, due in part to beauties like the fringed polygala, above, blooming in my side yard.

Chickie, on the other hand, was born with a love for girly colors like pink and purple. I let her buy some flowers for "her" garden. And she chose... Pink. Petunias. In my front yard.

And somehow I love it. Maybe I will get in touch with my feminine side... someday.

Especially if I continue to discover hidden pink beauties in my side yard, such as this rose twisted-stalk.

Which I would not have known existed, except for being on my hands and knees right next to it trying to get a photo of bunchberry (below) for the blog. (File this entry under "blogging improves my life.") The little rose bells on the twisted-stalk hide completely under the leaves, about a foot under the ground. I've seen the plant in past years, but never the flowers.

And after trying to get a picture of the twisted-stalk I also noticed this tiny fireworks, which I think is wild sasparilla.

I have some garden plants blooming too, but I won't bother taking pictures of those, as they seem rather mundane next to these spectacular pink-and-white wildflowers.... and of course my charming pink-and-white daughter.


Anonymous Kim said...

I need to learn to take pictures like yours. I'm glad you're learning to enjoy pink, if you HAVE to enjoy pink, these are the best reasons. :)

My spiderwort are blooming - your housewarming gift to me! I'll go take pix if the rain didn't close them up.

And the wild roses outside my bedroom, which (something I'm learning from you) are pretty up close, even if they live in an overgrown mess. :)

6/11/2005 3:23 PM  

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