Monday, June 20, 2005

mid-June garden report

I had to catch up on the flowers in and near my yard--I can hardly keep track of everything blooming right now!

Wildflowers blooming:

Birdsfoot Trefoil
Bladder Campion (another "ugly" flower that's a lovely jewel!)
Daisy Fleabane
Golden Ragwort
Indian paintbrush
Orange Hawkweed
Rosa Rugosa (wild native rose)
Siberian iris
Something that looks like Shinleaf except with pale pink flowers... must put new wildflower books on my Amazon wishlist...

Garden flowers blooming:

Asparagus (below, a surprise beauty - look at these tiny, delicate bells!)

Lemon Thyme
Salad burnet (below, yet another "ugly flower" beautiful jewel - now I'm seeing those everywhere!)

...Here is a younger salad burnet blossom: it's fuzzy! I wish I knew that for May's month of softies craft project!
Wooly creeping thyme

We also have strawberry fruits now, both wild and cultivated!

Or, rather, I should say the bunnies have them.

As for the Allium azureum... I know I said two weeks ago it would bloom soon... well, those buds are taking a long time to open, but I'm enjoying every minute of the wait. (see below)

I paid $9.75 for 50 bulbs, and this single bulb alone has been worth the price to watch.


Anonymous kim said...

Oooh can you take daily salad burnet pictures so we can see how they go from cute-pink-fuzzy to artistically exploded?

Hey, is there a June month-of-softies? I see May is already closed (the due date is past_ but I didn't see a June suggestion.

And would you be interested in a poemy thing writers challenge? I was thinking of the 6-word challenges I used to do with my qfhaven friends and was thinking of starting a weekly(?) six-word challenge blog -- where people could enter poems, short stories, haiku ... or maybe even pix or crafts, I don't know ... using those six words. I'm pretty sure it would be very low traffic :)

6/20/2005 12:07 PM  
Blogger kelly said...

sorry, I mercilessly cut back my salad burnet. Even though they're beautiful up close, they look really ugly en masse, and they are front-and-center of my garden. They'll probably try to bloom again later this summer...

I can give you a basic description though: each of the green bubbles is a flower bud, with the pink fuzz peeking out. The flowers open individually (starting at the bottom) with five green petals, and the pink fuzz is the stamens and/or pistils. After the flower fertilizes the stamens are long and gold and the petals curl back in strange contortions.

June month of softies theme is here - June Bug.

I'm not sure I'm up for a "poemy thing writers challenge" - I take my poetry pretty seriously and (1) don't have time to be deeply thoughtful these days, and (2) wouldn't feel comfortable posting "real" poetry for all to see.

Poetry's the way I process life and come to terms with stuff. Crafting (and blogging) is the way I have fun and blow off steam.

Still, if the six words inspire something silly/fun, maybe I'll participate, maybe not... Maybe I'll make a point of participating at least once and then putting your banner ad on my blog :-)

6/20/2005 2:08 PM  

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