Saturday, June 04, 2005

wildflower and garden notes

blooming in white:

blooming in blue and purple:
  • blue-eyed grass (shown above)
  • creeping phlox
  • chives and allium azureum coming soon
  • iris coming soon (a gift from Dan's mom... I don't know the variety. I love how the buds look like presents wrapped in tissue paper.)

preparing to bloom in pink:
  • fringed polygala
  • garden pinks (end of the year sale from the greenhouse... I forget what variety)
  • apple tree (shown two posts down)... already mostly in bloom!
  • cranberry

blooming in yellow:

Note to gardening self:
  • don't forget to save room between the garden and the wildflowers for this:


Anonymous Kim said...

Are the Lady's Slippers wild? That's so neat. And is the sprinkler pic taken thru a big play house/gym thing? Or is that one of those giant funky sprinklerville things?

I love your pix. And how you take them AND post them LOL - I just take them. :)

6/04/2005 4:47 PM  
Blogger kelly said...

thanks! I love taking pictures. And since this blog might be the only "creative memories album" my kids ever have... (alas, blogging has meant that I've kind of abandoned getting real prints made at Dotphoto...)

I bookmarked Buzznet's "upload multiple photos" in my toolbar (along with Blogger's "create post") and discovered that if I hovered over the newly uploaded picture it gave me the magic Buzznet photo number, so I just type the right photo number into the cut-and-pasted 'img src' code. That just seems SO much easier...

yup, wild Lady's Slippers. I was just thinking, 'maybe they aren't coming out this year.' Some years they don't, when it's too dry.

It's an ordinary lawn sprinkler, photo taken from behind a plastic climber/slide thingy. :)

6/04/2005 8:34 PM  

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