Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Font Tuesday: Markley; Chickie; E, F and J

In the last two weeks I finished and a font for my daughter. It was a surprise. Unfortunately she detested it.

Since she enjoys writing and usually does not complain about her own handwriting, I'm not sure what she hates so much about it. Perhaps because it represents Mama's time spent on the computer rather than with her? We'll just quietly mothball it after this mention, and I won't be offering it to anyone for downloading. Which is a pity in my mind, because I think it's beautiful - but it's a great relief to Chickie.

On a happier note I finished my Markley font (which Chickie also hates, for good measure - probably because they were done at the same time.)

you can get it here if you'd like it... please drop me an email or a blog comment if you do... I'm curious who is interested.

I like Markley best using a mix of capitals and lowercase, which in this font are interchangeable. I put my favorites on the lowercase letters, generally. :-)

...and now I'm moving on to my harder fonts. I'm scanning in some leaves (before they fall) to make a leaf-shapes font, but other than scanning I won't pursue that until I finish my stuffed animal font, my food font, a routered-sign font, and my hand-lettered map fonts. I've set myself a goal of four to five letters a week - (either drawing and scanning, or cleaning up/resizing/spacing the final letters) - hoping that this means I can finish a font in ten to twelve weeks without taking too much time from my kids, my laundry and my dishes.

Accordingly here are sketches of three more stuffed animal letters: E, F and J. (I haven't liked my attempts at G or H yet, and I'm saving I because it's easy, for whatever animal I want to use that doesn't end up working elsewhere. A,B,C and D are here.) Hey, maybe I'll make myself a Font Tuesday, and try to post my progress every Tuesday.

Now BigE is disgusted that the J is a chicken... "which doesn't start with J."

Never mind that the A cat (bunny?) doesn't start with A, and the E bear doesn't start with E. I'm striking out with my children on these fonts! Oh well, it's no ill will that a "quick" game of Monopoly can't restore...


Anonymous kim said...

I like Chickie's font - it's her very own handwriting? I'm sure she'll think it's great, someday. :)

And I'm reporting in that I'm downloading Markley - I'll try not to email you with it or use it in a site you visit ;)

I better start writing my own letters out ... if I can figure out how I want my handwriting to look!

7/05/2005 5:35 PM  
Blogger kelly said...

Yup, Chickie's font is her handwriting. Actually taken from an alphabet she wrote out, plus a list of people that were "in her club" - thanks you you guys and the rest of her cousins, the only letters I missed from that set were V and Z!

You can use Markley on stuff I see, just warn me first! :-)

Just write out your handwriting. We can always fix individual letters later. :-)

7/06/2005 10:02 AM  
Anonymous Martha said...

I think the Chickie font is really wonderful. I am sure she WILL apreciate it one day. The dingbats are great!

7/06/2005 11:32 AM  

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