Sunday, July 03, 2005

it's not 90 degrees and humid

Daniel is on "Sunday Coverage" today - a vague term which means he has to be physically present at work, but may or may not have to "work", depending on emergencies, inclinations and other factors.

Last week the kids were sick and missed the end of Vacation Bible School. So I promised I would take them, solo, to church today - second service, when the babies usually nap - so that they could sing with VBS this morning. Another consolation prize; some days it seems like our life is nothing but consolation prizes.

So I decided I should write an incomplete list of things I am thankful for today.

better than it was

  • It's not 90 and humid. It's actually cold at night right now, and this morning is beautifully sunny.
  • We are done being sick, for the moment.
  • Mac and Bubbie are now healthy huge 14-month-olds; this time last year they were tiny preemies who required 14 doses of medicine a day and having what looked like tiny defibrillation paddles strapped to their chest all night as part of the most aggravating sleep-apnea monitors ever invented
  • I have four great kids and a wonderful husband.
  • and all six of us our healthy.
  • and it's summertime, and we can go outside with no coat and no boots. And it's sunny until bedtime.

  • better than it could be
    or, what I learned from a summer in Africa

  • We have a house. It's small by American standards, but it keeps us warm and dry. (I intend to expand on this thought someday in this blog...)
  • And we have A/C, which prior to having twins I swore I would never use. Now I rely on it.
  • We have food to eat. Every meal. And not just any food, but food we enjoy eating.
  • We have running water. Hot water. Can take showers in our own home.
  • We have money to buy luxuries like a computer, Internet access, remote control gadgetry, kites, cameras, and books.
  • And we have been rich for so long (by world standards) that these luxuries seem like necessities. We have never known real poverty.
  • And my husband, who is not a "book person", understands anyways, and lets me buy books.
  • We can even put ice cubes in our iced tea. Ten times a day, if we want to.

  • uniquely ours

  • We have an enormous yard, with a sandbox and a sprinkler. A lot of sunshine from our southern exposure. And a big tree for shade.
  • And space for a garden, and money to buy plants, and time to tend the plants (even if it's not EVER "enough" time!)
  • Daniel can fix almost anything
  • and it's fun to be married to a creative genius
  • who is also patient enough to listen when I need to talk.
  • We live in a beautiful place, with trees and flowers right in our yard
  • and ocean-sized lakes a short walk from our house. Sandy beaches less than five miles away
  • and we've seen deer, bald eagles, pileated woodpeckers, porcupines, foxes, and bunnies.

  • bright hope for tomorrow

  • Daniel gets Monday off, which means (barring any emergencies) we can go to the parade tomorrow. Which the kids really wanted to do, and I was afraid to tackle by myself.
  • Someday I will get to sleep through the night, at least some nights of the week.
  • and get to curl up by the fire with a book on a snowy day. All day.
  • or experiment with crafts. And not have to clean up before naptime ends.
  • And if we save our money, we may someday be able to buy a bigger house.
  • Or be able to give more to those who have nothing.
  • Today Daniel brought our camera and his remote control gadgetry to work and may just have time to work on it.
  • And whatever happens, we know our real home is in Heaven, and we'll be home before we know it.


    Anonymous kim said...

    What a nice blog entry. I appreciate you, Kelly. I wish I had your ability to choose to look at the blessings side of things. Of course, I guess I could do it, too, but I only remember when you remind me and then I would look like a copy-cat. ;) But I don't think I'll post my complaining about cat poop blog, now.

    7/03/2005 10:03 AM  
    Blogger Karin said...

    Wonderful, Kel. Thanks for writing it all down. Much love to you.

    7/03/2005 4:02 PM  

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