Friday, July 29, 2005

lessons on slides, wind and busyness

yes, I did play with my kids yesterday. We went to the playground. (It was Daniel's afternoon off--and can you tell from the photo what he was working on in the adjoining football field?)

That's me at the green arrow, helping Mac walk up the steps while Bubbie crawls ahead. BigE is near the red arrow, at the top of the white ladder. Chickie is at the purple arrow, getting ready to go down the green swirl-a-slide.

We discovered that yes, one adult actually can help two nearly-walking toddlers have fun on a playground.

This was the drill: Kelly holds Mac's hands so he can "walk" behind Bubbie, who is crawling up any stairs he can find. When Bubbie gets near an opening he can fall through (ladders or stairs down), Kelly yells for BigE or Chickie to come guard the opening until we're safely past.

Fortunately Bubbie was only interested in going up, up, up. And Chickie and BigE thought it was very fun (and very important) to guard Bubbie. So Mac and Bubbie and I went up, up, up to the top of the swirly slide, and I put them both on my lap, and we slid down and went around and back up, up, up... and a good time was had by all.

Daniel, meanwhile, got caught in the beginnings of a small thunderstorm. After he launched his kite and camera, the wind got so strong he was scared he was not going to get it all back down. If we take this KAP thing (and the KAP experts) seriously, that means investing in another kite for high winds... or else only flying in lighter winds. Fortunately for us, kite and camera came down without any rips, tears, cuts or breakage. And he got some good photos too.

I set up a flickr account to warehouse our from-the-kite photos. I added a flickr badge here to the bottom of my sidebar, which will show our most recent good KAP shots, so I won't have to fill pages of our blog with all our photos. There's some new ones there now, if you want to have a look!

The best thing about flickr so far is that most of our KAP heroes who we've seen online over the past three years are now posting photos there, and they even have a flickr KAP group for discussion and sharing photos -- and they fall all over themselves answering any question you might have. It feels like hanging out with royalty.

I've also been working a bit on my peppermint font--it's almost done, I hope to have it ready to go next Tuesday.

And I've realized that, while I'm entertained and delighted by all the KAP and font-making and crafting and blogging... I'm far, far too busy. I've been running away from my life and from God. While the things I've been doing have been good and even fun, I've been using them to hide from some hard thinking and soul-searching that I don't want to do, don't want to think about... and I've been letting relationships with God and with friends slide. When I try to pray or think, I find myself thinking about kites and fonts and such instead.

So I'm hoping to blog (and KAP, and fontify) a bit less over the next few weeks in order to set some time aside to actually slow down, be quiet, and listen for God's voice.


Anonymous kim said...

I like your pics, Flickr is cool - did you see how you can designate a portion to comment on?

Funny that you say what you say about blogging, etc today - when I spent the morning again surfing clever, witty (but not very uplifting) blogs ... and started to think I should have a more consistent blog-sytle ... for all the wrong reasons .... your post came at a good time for me.

7/29/2005 5:20 PM  

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