Monday, July 18, 2005

Time with Poppie

We didn't get any aerial photos downstate, as there wasn't enough wind to launch the kite and camera. (see Kim's blog for story and photos of the attempt!) Nonetheless it was a good trip. We accomplished our two goals: going to Splash Park and meeting the new baby (now eleven weeks old already!)

One of the many highlights of our trip downstate was time spent with my dad, Poppie. We get a lot more Moogie time than Poppie time, as Poppie often has business or church things to work on. When he spends time with any of his ten grandchildren, he never fails to notice their individual genius - particularly of the babies. Since I didn't have a camera, I didn't get any pictures downstate this time, so I'm substituting photos from this past month.

After the hot and humid weekend downstate Bubbie (above) blows air, making a fww, fww, fww sound, for the word "fan." Poppie remarks how impressed he is that Bubbie has learned the art of abstraction: he imitates what the fan does for the word "fan". The fact that Bubbie recognizes and responds to pictures of himself and people he knows also shows how good Bubbie is at abstraction.

Mac (above), as Poppie observes, is a ham. Mac knows how to make people smile. Mac is more of an extrovert than Bubbie. He also got carried around a lot, as Poppie delighted him with pointing to the lights and saying "light", handing him a large maple leaf and saying "leaf", giving him a ball and saying "ball"... then a crabapple leaf with "leaf" so that Mac can learn to generalize. Poppie not only recognizes their genius, he actively encourages it.

Today when I put Mac down on my bed while I folded some laundry, Mac flopped on his back, pointed at the light and said "yi. dite. Ite." This is not unusual. Mac babbles a lot. But Poppie would be convinced that he really is trying to say "light". I'm starting to think he is right.

If I take Poppie's word for it, then Mac has been talking for awhile (as has Bubbie.) The first word that I think I recognized was several weeks ago, and it was not Mama or Papa or light... it was "Tigger", pronounced variously along the lines of "tidi" or "dididid" or "giggit." Tigger is painted in the babies' room right next to the changing table. Mac doesn't repeat it on command, or pronounce it the same way twice - but he does light up when I say "Tigger" after his tigger-sounding comments.

here are the youngest geniuses fixing the lawnmower.

And Bubbie, after a weekend of Poppie's coaching, is starting to try to parrot any simple words we say to him.

Or maybe it wasn't Poppie coaching Bubbie and Mac. Maybe it's Poppie coaching me to be a better observer of my own children.


Anonymous kim said...

Awwww you mean my kids aren't the only geniuses? LOL. It was nice to get to see you and the ever-more-emerging personalities of Bubbie and Mac. I need to email up and try to make plans for late Summer *and* September if I can ...

7/18/2005 12:58 PM  
Blogger Moogie said...

I think he will like it? I will leave it up and let's see what -- perhaps he will even comment!

7/18/2005 1:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Poppie doesn't really believe he has treated Mac and Bubba any different than he has the previous seven grandchildren. Repetition is a route to early learning, and both boys appeared willing to "learn" these "words" - Poppie

7/18/2005 2:43 PM  
Blogger kelly said...

I didn't think you treated Mac and Bubbie differently either, Poppie. I guess I didn't write very clearly, but I thought you treated ALL of the grandkids like geniuses, especially when they were babies.

And, perhaps not too surprisingly, all the grandkids seem to enjoy learning from the guy who thinks they are a genius. :-)

7/18/2005 2:49 PM  

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