Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Flowers with attitude

In my mind, August flowers are the ones that can put up with anything. Flowers with an attitude. Black-eyed Susan. Goldenrod. Queen-Anne's Lace. Swamp Milkweed. Tall flowers, thick stems, fleshy petals - flowers that can take 100 degrees and humid, but can also handle frost at night if they have to. Even the names have an attitude; Death Camas, Evening Primrose, Jewelweed, and Water Hemlock are also blooming now.

So I'm always surprised by the tiny wild lobelia growing in the marshy places.

Which I didn't get a picture of, because my kids just aren't as interested in flowers as I am.

I'm also always surprised by Grass of Parnassus - a delicate white flower, about six inches tall, with zany transparent veins. It's like an exotic orchid, growing in drifts all over the roadsides near the lake.

It's my second-most-favorite August wildflower. My favorite hasn't bloomed yet.


Anonymous kim said...

You retained (or relearned!) so much more of our wildflower training than I did. I don't know the names of what I see, and don't know what things look like that I hear about. I'll have to look up wild lobelia, I can only think of the deep purple flower I see in pots around here. Is Mac falling asleep in that picture?

8/09/2005 3:48 PM  
Blogger Jean said...

I loved your favorite August
wildflower. You did a very good
job to take the picture. Very
professional! I wish I could
visit you and your family
this summer and see all the
beautiful Michigan wildflowers.
Maybe next year! Please tell me
about your wildflower training.
Did you take wildflower class or something? I would like to learn
more of wildflowers! I will have to buy Wisconsin wildflower book. I don't know the names of what I see!

8/10/2005 11:50 AM  
Blogger kelly said...

I re-learned the wildflower stuff, mostly, with some help from local experts and an Audubon guide. I'm sure growing up with nature guide parents helped, though! :-)

It's Bubbie falling asleep in the photo... Mac is wide awake, but looking at the cars going by rather than at the flowers.

8/14/2005 11:57 PM  

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