Monday, August 29, 2005

last of the summer blooms

There's still plenty blooming, but not many new flowers showing up in my garden. I've counted four - two 'regulars' and two surprises.

Buddleia Davidii - Butterfly bush. The bush was a gift from my mom several years ago. Every year it dies back to the ground. Every spring I think it's completely dead this year. And every year it comes back.

Garlic chives. Beautiful flowers and the leaves taste good to boot... and it's nice to see a fresh new face in my garden at the end of August. I was amazed the first time I saw them; they really *are* a different species than the typical purple pom-pom spring-blooming chives.

And... surprise! Tangerine blossoms coming (the pink buds near the stem) and a fruit getting ripe. I just might be the only person in the Upper Peninsula with tangerines ripening in my garden. I'd have lemons, too, but I gave my lemon tree to my mom after Mac and Bubbie were born... our house gets pretty small in the winter. I fear I'll have to give away my tangerine tree as well this winter. Takers?

At least I get to keep my apple tree, which at last count still has eleven decent looking apples on it, despite the drought (and conspicuous lack of care and watering on my part.)

And... surprise! These dainty yellow blooms are on my chamomile Treneague, also known as non-flowering lawn chamomile. I dropped an email to Sandy Mush Nursery to ask them how to proceed with my flowering non-flowering chamomile. I don't really care for a refund, I'm actually quite charmed with the little blooms - but I'm curious how they will answer.


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