Tuesday, September 06, 2005

sharpie T-shirts

Mac and Bubbie, as our third and fourth children, have inherited a bunch of baby T-shirts. Old, stained baby T-shirts that are in great condition but dingy and stained even after I tried bleach, Oxi-Solv, various stain sticks and other stuff. Sure, we could probably afford to buy a few new baby T-shirts - but what to do with the old ones, with lots of wear left in them, that are frankly too ugly to even give to the thrift shop?

I'm so glad you asked.

Yet another excuse to buy the 17-color rainbow of Sharpie markers!

Here is Mac modeling Chickie's shirt - and being very proud of how well he can stand up! now.

Bubbie got BigE's shirt dirty before we got a picture, but below he's modeling two shirts I made. The reason there are three shots of Bubbie and only one of Mac is that Mac still fits in our good "gifts for twin babies" onesies, while Bubbie, two inches taller and three pounds heavier, is growing into the old, stained toddler onesies.

Here is Bubbie in faux buffalo check plaid,

and here in smileys. I got so tired of making tiny smileys on the front that I made a big one to cover most of the space in back. Then I liked it so much I wish I'd done it on the front as well.

No matter. We have a lot more grubby old white onesies laying around to play with.

None of the shirts are so polished and professional that I can dress the boys up for church in them. The sharpies do bleed a bit in the wash, particularly the red. But they're great for playing at our house and in our sandbox.

(And no, before anyone asks, we didn't tie-dye BigE's shirt - we bought all our kids' tie-dye online from California Dreamin' a.k.a. Refined Design, and that was definitely money well spent: the shirts are well loved, well washed, well worn, and still bright and fun.)


Anonymous kim said...

faux plaid, that's too funny ... I love it! So, I have to ask, do you have two sets of the Sharpies, one for the children to use (under supervision, of course) and the other that shall not be touched by anyone but Mom? Or are you not as zealous about your Sharpies?

I got mine, finally. My excuse was for the color-coded chore charts. I had this great idea that I would write them in colored Sharpies on white board, and then use dry-erase markers to mark off the jobs daily. Except that dry erase markers remove a little of the colored sharpies. Some colors are more susceptible than others. Even the cheapie colored dry erase markers. The black sharpie is not affected. So now I need to choose either to rewrite the chore charts in color every few days, or clean the board well and rewrite it in black only, and stick to the plethora of colored dry erase markers to mark them off. Oh well, it was a nice idea.

But back to the shirts, I love the smilies. What fun. I would do that, except I don't let the children touch my precious Sharpieses.

9/06/2005 3:30 PM  
Blogger kelly said...

Just one set of Sharpies, for all of us. That way they'll die faster and I can get the *21 color* rainbow that has burgundy, navy, olive and plum as well!! Yesssssss, my sharpiesessssss.... :-)

You could try using washable overhead transparency markers (such as Vis-a-Vis) to mark off chores instead of dry-erase... they probably wouldn't suck off the Sharpie, since they're water-based. Of course Poppie could probably tell you what would and wouldn't work, better than me... :-)

9/07/2005 8:13 PM  

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