Wednesday, September 14, 2005

ten bucks well spent

Every year in mid-July I try to hit the clearance sales at the nearby Stuff Mart garden centers.

I never ever find anything I am looking for, but I usually find something. This year I found ten dollars worth of plants, all at 40 to 75 cents. Above is Dead Nettle, below is some daisy-like bloom whose name I can't remember. Oh wait, here's the tag: Leopard's Bane, Doronicum. I still don't know much about it, but now that I've written it down I can find out.

I also got pink yarrow, yellow yarrow, some balloon flowers and a few more pink petunias for Chickie. About half of the perennials survived. Most of them are plants I wouldn't ordinarily be drawn to, but at 50 cents or so, I figure it's worth a try. Over the years some of these have become my garden staples, surviving where the $6 special order from Jung's didn't make it.

And these plants, like their more expensive May counterparts, still come with a bonus:

Sand gardens. Sand pies. Sand cakes and sand castles and sand everything until the plastic gives out. Yogurt containers last a little bit longer, but yogurt containers don't come with the tags to stick in, which show the pink sand-flowers as vs. the purple. Or the chocolate sand-cake vs. the lemon.

Now that it's September, most of the flowerpots have gone to the great garden in the sky (via the recycle bin.) Today we say goodbye to the last of our .50 flowerpots, now filled with cuttings from our garden, which are moving to a friend's winter windowsill. We're still somewhat amazed that we got to keep the plants inside, too, after all the fun we had with the pots!


Anonymous kim said...

so are those all perennials you bought?
You're cool (I think I've said that before) to recycle the pots into sand toys. Our sand 'pit' has sort of turned to mud and crab grass - I think it's lack of boundaries helped - so we really have no at-home sand play right now. (Although yesterday T and D and E made Mud Golf Balls to throw - and thankfully didn't think to throw them at each other, perhaps due to the absence of G in the game)

Someday I would like to be a 'planting mom' who plants plants and watches them grow. For now I am a whacking pruning plant killing mom.

Although I've found pleasing success with the philodendron family, inside. It appears you have to try HARD to kill them, and they root in jars so nicely, that maybe, perhaps, I WILL have green plants around the inside of my home ...

I wish you lived closer so you could mentor me in gardening and we could maybe get together to plant and things ...

9/14/2005 2:32 PM  
Blogger Karin said...

Oy. Gardening has always been a phobia of mine. I dont know how I managed to plant petunias in front of my house in Wisconsin...I can't bring myself to do it here. Seriously. I had a lot of plants indoors in WI too which did fairly well, but none of them were able to move with me and I have a severe lack of interior daylight (and space), which makes me sad, as I do miss them. blog, although it reminds me again how utterly clueless I am in this department!

9/14/2005 2:40 PM  

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