Sunday, October 09, 2005

it sort of doesn't seem like fall...

...when there are raindrops on the Salad Burnet

...and the crocuses are peeping through the sage.

The Salad Burnet got a long-overdue haircut a few weeks ago and now has new green leaves.

We have two species of Fall Crocus planted in our garden: the Crocus sativus - the real Saffron crocus, which is supposed to bloom soon; and Crocus pulchellus, pictured above, blooming now.

Yes, these are real crocuses (not colchicums whose common name is Autumn Crocus.) Thanks to Odyssey Bulbs I learned that there are as many varieties (and colors) of true crocus blooming in the fall as in the spring.

After the first year we have never gotten a bloom from our Saffron crocus, though it faithfully sends up grasslike leaves every spring. But the Crocus pulchellus is doing well, even where the purple sage is overrunning its turf. It's wonderfully refreshing to see crocuses in October when the leaves are changing. It reminds me that Spring is coming soon... right after winter.


Anonymous Siri said...

A neighbor down the road has promised me a clump of fall crocus. Maybe I'll stop by tomorrow. She says they are so hardy that you can transplant them even now, while they're blooming. She digs them up, bulb and all, no soil, and takes them inside, where they'll bloom right there for her, too. Don't know which kind they are, though. Probably the one you have pictured here.

10/11/2005 3:07 AM  

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