Thursday, October 13, 2005

oh goody, Halloween!

I've never been a big fan of Halloween or trick-or-treating. But I love costumes, especially the challenge of thinking up costumes that can be made with limited time and limited resources. I think I got the love of that challenge from my mom. Buying a $20 pre-made costume at Stuff-Mart has always seemed like cheating to me.

This was BigE's Halloween costume last year - he wanted to go to Kindergarten as "three pumpkins stacked up on top of each other." It took a lot of mental energy to work it out, but not much effort to put together once we had an idea where we were headed.

Top pumpkin was his head, painted like a jack-o-lantern. The other two pumpkins were giant plastic orange snack bowls, punched top and bottom with paper punches and then strung together over Big E like a double clamshell, with "green vines" (green string and green curling ribbon.) An orange shirt and green pants (and green hair!) completed his costume.

And for nearly a year we had plenty of popcorn bowls... until Mac and Bubbie discovered they made great step stools, scooters and landing pads, at which point they all broke.
Chickie's costume was an emergency last-minute creation as she saw BigE getting all the attention (and makeup.) She wanted to be a kitty. Fortunately she had a kitty jacket, so all it took to transmogrify her was a black triangle nose and some white whiskers. As you can see, she was quite pleased.

This year BigE wants to be three pumpkins... with some bats flying around. Chickie wants to be "Hello Kitty." Believe it or not I'm actually a bit disappointed, and hoping to talk them into something different... so that I can have fun too.


Anonymous kim Anderson said...

You've got to be out of your "twin fog" if you wish they'd picked things more complicated! I am glad we don't "do" halloween because the thought alone of figuring out the costumes exhausts me. I think because I have the artsy-fartsy gene and the defeated-perfectionist undercurrent, and would want to make elaborate, clever costumes, procrastinate, and be disappointed.

Oh, and having a child 1 year older than yours, our popcorn bowl you donated to us lasted less than one week, for the same reason.

10/13/2005 4:42 PM  

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