Monday, December 05, 2005

molecules, lights, cranks and water

shadow-boxing with molecules

We went to Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry over our Thanksgiving break. It was a free admission day. We had a blast, despite the huge crowds (next time we'll pay the admission and hope for a quieter time!)

Above is BigE (and Bubba and Chickie) with his favorite exhibit, a rear-projected computer "molecule" that interacted with your shadow. You could move or 'cut' or hook together the molecules, which seemed to be afraid of your shadow.

conducting her own orchestra

Chickie liked the demonstration of how white light is made up of different colors. She is still not convinced that colors really do create white light, but she really liked having a whole rainbow of shadows to play with.

Mac and Bubbie liked turning cranks, listening to telephones, and playing in the water at the Idea Factory.

Well, we ALL liked playing in the water, because there were air-powered water cannons so that you could squirt targets... and the targets made lights light up, and gears start turning, and plastic balls got bounced into the stream of water.

Even with little kids, the museum was definitely worth the trip-- a real treat for our small-town kids! But next time, we'll pack our own lunch instead of eating at their high-priced cafeteria... and I think we'll pack some dry clothes as well.


Anonymous kim said...

Ooh that looks like fun. I've never been there.
When you're in our area, maybe sometime we can take a trip down to the Lansing museum ~ if we go on a normal weekday it's often fairly empty (although they do get school groups through) ~ it also has a reciprocal admission thing, although I don't know if it covers guests ... but it has some of those fun things. Not as many as a Big City Like Chicago, of course, but Then again Lansing is less scary ;-) -- Our favorite is a thingie that makes a shadow picture that stays for a few seconds.

12/05/2005 9:17 AM  
Blogger Wool Winder said...

We used to go to children's museums when our kids were small. It was always a good time. Fun to see them explore and learn.

12/05/2005 10:32 AM  

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