Monday, December 19, 2005

second chance

We had a nice 'hnow day' on Friday. We all went outside... very briefly. Neither of the babies could walk well in their heavy winter gear. Bubbie was content to sit on the sled and eat snow from his mittens as I pulled them around the yard, but Mac hated having mittens and boots and hood on, quickly got cold, and demanded that we go back inside.

we did have time to spy a really fun snow fort under our big fir tree, where Papa's plow truck had built walls and the snow-covered branches made a sloping roof. And it's already made for us! I'm itching to go back outside and play in it with the big kids, but that will have to wait until Papa has some time off, and that doesn't happen when it's snowing.

The big kids stayed out for awhile digging tunnels and knocking icicles down, and teasing Mac through the window. As the photo above clearly shows, Mac was happy to be back inside looking out.

With the big kids outside and the little kids watching their antics, I went back to making shrinky-dink snowflakes. I tried clear shrink stuff this time, and was delighted with the results. They're about 1-1/2 to 2" across when shrunk (about life sized here on my own computer screen, though your results may vary according to your monitor settings.)

It's probably a good thing I sent out the white snowflakes with the packages I already mailed, or I would have judged them 'not good enough to send' and I'd have made a dozen more, I like the clear ones so much better. Now I want to make a hundred clear ones and turn them into a garland... someday when I have more free time.

Maybe that will happen when my snow-covered, red-cheeked kids can all get their snowpants off by themselves and make their own hot cocoa. Of course, by that time I hope to be outside playing in the snow fort with them... at least some of the time.


Anonymous kim said...

Hm I'll have to check but I think I only bought white shrinky dink film, not clear. Maybe I bought both. I'll see if the Name Brand stuff works any better with my paper punch. Somewhere I have a swirl punch, too, for some bigger flakes ...

I like the evergreen fort - we have something smaller but similar along our driveway, under the cedars.

I'm glad you had a good 2nd hnow day!

Looking forward to seeing you SOOOOooooOOoOoOon

12/19/2005 10:58 AM  
Anonymous kim again said...

Ooh have you also tried adding extra "frost" patterns on the snow flakes with the light blue and green sharpies? Maybe today is snow flake day, not just Grinch day! :)

12/19/2005 11:02 AM  
Blogger Karin said...

And here..we had a bit of freezing rain yesterday, but otherwise the grass is green and I haven't used an ice scraper yet this season. I miss looking at the snow, but I sure don't miss driving in it!

Looks like you all are having loads of fun...I'm remembering some great "snow hikes" you and I took Kel...wouldn't mind doing that again, either!

12/19/2005 11:14 AM  
Blogger Wool Winder said...

That's a lot of snow! We almost never have snow here (near Houston, TX). However, last Christmas Eve we did, but this year the weathermen are predicting 72 degrees. I guess I'll have to turn the air conditioner on again.

12/20/2005 9:26 AM  
Anonymous fleur said...

My twins yelled and screamed like crazy when I first showed them the snow!!! It's one of my best memory... I also have 4 kids, a girl who is not yet 5, twins 2 and a half, and the girl-surprise who will soon be one year. I like to see your blog as big families are not so common. And I recognise other things.
I wish you a merry Christmas to you and your family! Sincerely,

12/21/2005 4:23 PM  

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