Friday, December 30, 2005

yet another online toy

If you're a compulsive list-maker like me, or maybe even if you aren't, Wists is a terrific new toy. It's designed for shopping, but you can use it for anything on the web that has a picture. It becomes your own bookmark list with pictures (and tags, if you want them.)

You sign up, pick a username, and then add a bookmark button called "Add to Wists" to your bookmark bar. Then whenever you're out browsing the web and run across something you like, click the "Add to Wists" bookmark. It pops up another screen and you click on the picture you want to add to your Wist. It creates a bookmark to the original site, and gives you space for a title, description and keywords (also known as tags.)

Tags are great, because you can use them to create sub-lists with their own page. So I've started several lists that I've wanted to make ever since I started a blog, only this process is so much easier. You can even create badges that update themselves as you add items. So I did just that. Only because Blogger doesn't allow Javascript in the posts, you'll have to wait until I have time to add them to my template. Meanwhile:

First off, my list of things that make me laugh as I've run across them on the Internet, like the lightbulb salt and pepper shaker above.

Next, my small start at a list of beautiful handcrafted things that I've seen on the web. This is my idea box for when I need a new project (for those days down the road when I'll actually have time to work on projects!)

Finally, the list I've wanted to put together for a loooong time: chapter books for new readers. There are tons of good picture books and early reader book, but as any mother knows, once your child really starts learning to read on their own, there's never enough good books to keep your kid occupied. My eldest son, now seven, reads books as fast as I can beg, buy or borrow them. I have several dozen more recommendations to add to the list when I have time... my only hope is that someone with a just slightly older reader will return the favor! ;-)

I've also started lists for craft supplies online and my favorite books... but I've barely made a dent in those. So many lists, so little time... and to think, I still haven't actually DONE anything besides make breakfast and play on the computer today. Guess it's time to get some dishes washed...


Anonymous kim said...

Funny - I keep coming to comment but being sidetracked by your wists and following the surf to far away and fun web places. This is my 5th or so visit to this entry.

I have a hard time staying on top of good books for my older children. And I don't feel very good at discerning/reviewing well. :-/ But wists is a good way to keep a list like that!!

12/31/2005 10:23 AM  
Anonymous fleur said...

I wish you and your family a happy new year! Thank you for the "theological explanation"! I read such things too.

1/02/2006 5:15 PM  

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