Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Dover coloring books

We have a few of these coloring books, from the Dover Pictorial Archive series. They all have beautiful designs and illustrations to color. We've liked most of the series, which ranges from optical illusions to trains, butterflies, cowboys, spaceships, Native American designs, Tiffany stained glass...

And the best part about this Dover series is the copyright, which allows you to make copies. The inside front cover of each book says, "This book belongs to the Dover Pictorial Archive Series. You may use the designs and illustrations for graphics and crafts applications, free and without special permission, provided that you include no more than four in the same application or project..."

So when we bought the books (and/or got them for Christmas), we scanned all the pictures in to our computer, and we print whichever one we feel like coloring. Over and over again, if we want.

Most of the illustrations are too detailed for young children to color well. But they're perfect in that they take up where normal coloring books leave off. My favorites are the kaleidoscopic and geometric designs, where you can color each picture hundreds of different ways. Coloring someone else's pictures may or may not be artistic, but I often find it therapeutic and relaxing.


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