Wednesday, January 18, 2006

fonts and gnomes

OK, so I did work on this a little yesterday for my self-declared Font Tuesday, but didn't have time to blog about it. Above is another sample of my friend's handwriting. I've copied about half of her letters and pasted them into a grid, erasing any parts of other letters that come along for the ride. This will allow me to use Scan Font to turn them into vector images (stretchable outlines) for Type Tool.

I could just have my friends fill in the grid with their letters, but trial and error has shown me that their handwriting looks more authentic if I have them write whole sentences and then I pull the letters out of it. So... halfway through the cut and paste, I should be able to import it for next week.

But I did finish SOMEthing which I've owed someone for over a year now!

This sign:

to mark the trail to this place:

with a gratuitous picture of my sister's family, four years (and two children) ago.

I couldn't find a more recent picture. It must be that we don't go hiking as much as we used to. Hopefully that will change as Mac and Bubbie become confident walkers (and once the ice and snow melt!) All the little holes in the big rock are filled with smaller rocks that have gnomes painted on them. Fortuitously, I think I know four kids who would love to paint some more gnomes to commemorate our return to the world of hiking this spring!


Anonymous kim said...

Hm I think I liked my hair better back then, LOL.
Maybe the next time we come visit we could have a giant gnome-making day for the bigger kids?
I really like your gnome sign. LittleD insists he's one of the kids in the picture, but I'm not sure which one. He insisted it was not Em, although I think if we dressed him in pink he might look just like her ... and of course T is interchangable for A in the picture ...

1/18/2006 12:46 PM  

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