Thursday, January 19, 2006

I knew we had beautiful children, but... sure is nice to have it shown scientifically, by showing how much they look like celebrities. This online toy utility is a great way to waste time verify how beautiful your loved ones are.

Thanks to (and a tip-off from my sister Kim) we have proven that Big E (top middle) looks 44% like Elijah Wood... and 69% like... uh... Shirley Temple.

Chickie looks 61% like Olivia Newton-John, and 43% like Janet Jackson.

Mac looks 53% like Herman Hesse and 44% like Truman Capote.

Bubbie looks 60% like Yul Brenner and 42% like Oscar II of Sweden.

Of course, what more could you expect from such attractive parents:

Dan's 71% Andre Agassi and 56% Gene Hackman

and I'm... I'm... uh... I'm.....

44% Saul Bellow and 49% Margaret Thatcher.

Well, wasn't THAT fun. Um, moving right along...


Anonymous kim said...

ROFL! I didn't do our whole family, I did myself a mazillion times (apparently I'm a bit too self-centered, too) and was most interested in the few recurring 'matches' -- Anna Lindh, Emma Watson, and, erm, Michael Moore! I had a lot of masculine faces in each match, too ... I think it must be my delicate jawline? LOL!

I decided the Dalai Lama wasn't so bad - I saw an interview with him once, and he's just a funny, nice man, he giggled and laughed through the whole interview. He seemed very personable, I wouldn't mind appearing so funny and friendly. LOL.

1/20/2006 6:57 AM  

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