Friday, January 06, 2006

puzzle piece barrette

I was just thinking that I'd blogged about all the crafts I'd ever done and held on to, and how on earth would I keep my blog craft-related if I didn't have old projects to fill in the gaps between my crafting binges? Then today Daniel had the day off and I got to go to school with BigE and listen to kids read out loud to me. I dressed up (for me that means "no pajamas") and grabbed an old barrette out of the cookie jar that holds my hair things.

oh yeah, that's right, I made this! It was made a bazillion years ago from a puzzle that was being discarded because a few of its pieces were missing. I selected a bunch that fit together nicely, separated them, painted them different colors with acrylic paint, and waited until they were dry. Then I reassembled them, covered them with Mod Podge, and glued a metal barrette on the back. My daughter gleefully took this photo for me--any excuse to use the cool digital camera with the tiny movie preview in back!

If I had the barrette to make over, I'd use clear acrylic instead of Mod Podge (which gets tacky when it gets wet, and so I can't wear this barrette outside when it's raining or snowing!) At least I've learned a little about crafting since my college days.

I also made some puzzle piece picture frames, but I don't think I have any left around to take pictures of. I'll have to do some sleuthing, and then I'll have something else to post someday. And some wood and birch bark barrettes, which I should be able to find somewhere in the cookie jar...


Anonymous kim Anderson said...

that's really pretty!

I should try to make some, sometime ...
so just painting them with clear acrylic or modge podge was enough to hold them together? I guess the glue on the backside would help, too, eh?

I have a puzzle frame nearby if you need a pic. Only it needs a new pic inside it before I photograph it, it's outdated, LOL.

1/06/2006 5:03 PM  

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