Thursday, January 26, 2006

tiny pencils, tiny mugs

It all started with little birds and her post about the book above.

I was smitten with her tiny pizza and tiny sleeping bags. Both Amazon and had the book for under a dollar... surely that must be a sign?

And I have a five-year-old daughter, I could pretend to be doing all of this for her, right?

So we got the book in the mail last week. The first thing my daughter wanted was the felt book bag. So we made it together.

And then, just for me, I made the tiny pencils out of half a toothpick.

And then I needed a place to put my tiny pencils, and it occurred to me that the cut off end of an old Crayola marker cap would be just about the right size. And then after putting the pencils inside, it occurred to me that the bottom of the marker would also make a nice 70s-style travel mug. And then I realized that if I cut another 1/8" slice off of the marker cap and cut that slice in half, I could hot-glue the C shape on to the mug and make a nifty handle for it.

Then I had to stop to take photos.

And then my sons decided to get in on the photo shoot.

Meanwhile, my daughter needed some tiny paperwork to go in her tiny book bag. It occurred to both of us at the same time that she needed a tiny Friday Folder. (the kids at our school bring home their homework each Friday in such a folder, which the parent has to sign and return each Monday.)

So we scanned in each side of the folder (100% at 200 dpi) and then shrunk it to 20% of its original size, put the pieces next to each other so that they would fold into a folder, sharpened and brightened the image, and printed it out. I cut it out, covered it all with packing tape, and used the edges of the packing tape to wrap around and make the folder into a folder. The wrinkles of the battered back-and-forth-every-week paper folder scanned right in and gave an authentic look to the tiny replica (also shown above inside the purple book bag.) In fact, it worked so well that we're making them as valentine envelopes for all the kids in BigE and Chickie's classes.

We're using my niece's handwriting font to write the correct name and teacher and grade on the digitally-erased lines. We'll even scan in a few of their more colorful homework assignments, shrink them to size, and write "Very Good" marks and smiles and stars in red all over them. I'm thrilled, since the throwaway tagboard valentines the kids give each other annoy me - both impersonal AND required by the "if you give any valentines, you have to give one to every child" rule. I even hated that idea as a kid. Here's something, we hope, that at least a few of the kids will actually enjoy.

But I have to confess that my heart, like Bubbie's fingers, is still on the tiny pencils and tiny mugs.

Too late for both of us, as Chickie has claimed them all as her own.


Blogger Wool Winder said...

I love the mugs--very creative!

1/26/2006 9:51 AM  
Anonymous kim said...

Those are SO cute!

But ... how do you keep them from being "little choking hazards scattered all over the house" ?? Are Mac And Bubbie not the sort to 1.) put things in their mouths and 2.) carry them off to far places of the house?

I love little things like that, but I'd be afraid that keeping track of cute little things would end up a nightmare in someone's bedroom.

1/26/2006 11:30 AM  
Blogger kelly said...

thanks, Kim and Winder!

yup, Kim, Mac and Bubbie do put things in their mouths and/or carry them away. Most of the time these things are restricted to high shelves or the Big Kid room. If BigE or Chickie plays with any of the little stuff out here, they know it gets put away (NOBODY gets to play with it for the rest of the day) the minute a baby gets his hands on it.

For the photo-shoot, or when the babies beg, they get a special session with the tiny stuff, where I drop everything and watch them play. Anything that goes in their mouth or with them away from the window seat gets taken away. They usually last ten minutes or less before everything is taken away.

Once or twice something's gotten dropped, though, and I've discovered it in baby's mouth later... ;-( so it certainly isn't an ideal system. But I love all the tiny stuff so much myself, it really is hard to say no entirely. This is one case where having a little house helps; there just aren't as many places for tiny things to hide.

1/27/2006 10:06 AM  

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