Friday, February 10, 2006

anything but twice

There is a common misconception that twin babies are twice as much work, and twice as much fun, as one baby. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

There are times when they are half the work of a single baby. Times when Mac is able to make a grumpy Bubbie laugh in spite of himself. Times when Bubbie and Mac quietly entertain each other in the front room while I get the laundry done.

And there are also times when they are ten times the work of a single baby. Times when Bubbie teaches Mac to turn off a reading lamp, or Mac teaches Bubbie how to empty the kitchen cupboards and climb inside. Whereupon they fight for ownership of the cupboard.

I personally think two babies with twice as much time and creativity to learn things (which they immediately teach the other) means four times the work, at the very least.

There are also times when I'm changing Bubbie and Mac is screaming and pulling on my leg. Times when I lay a sleeping Mac down in his bed for a nap, and Bubbie (cranky, and next in line for a nap) reaches through the rails and squeezes Mac's toes or grabs his blanket.

Then there's the fun.

I just might be biased, but somehow two boys playing Peekaboo,

two boys watching Papa out the window,

two boys wearing Ottomatic costumes or two boys covered head to toe in cocoa,

are more than just twice as funny. I'm not quite sure of the math, but I know I've found myself laughing (sometimes out of delight, sometimes near hysteria) more than ever in my life.


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