Saturday, February 18, 2006

until March 1

once again, as seems to be my nature, I've overcommitted myself. By February 28, I have to complete at least two more sketches of the boat above and play equipment nearby, most of which currently exists only in the head my husband and one of his co-workers.

We'll need a top view and a view from the back, at the very least, so that we can make sure the whole playground construction team (and the volunteers coming in April) will be working on the same idea instead of playing the "I thought you said" game as they build.

I'm clearing my schedule of everything not strictly necessary, in order to work on these sketches with Daniel. Sketching doesn't come naturally to me - I can do it, but it takes awhile. But beggars can't be choosers, and the non-profit group could afford my modest fees ($0) if I could spare the time.

Sadly, but probably realistically, my family voted suppers and laundry as "strictly necessary" for the next few weeks. And that means something else has to go. Something like blogging.

So you'll have to wait until March for pictures of the tiny computers we made yesterday on our snow day (made out of Altoids Mint tins, what else?) ...or pictures of our riding lawnmower buried under three feet of snow, with only the seat exposed.

And harder yet, I'll have to wait until March to ramble on to the world at large about whatever our family is doing. And to keep up with the dozen or so blogs I read regularly.

But hopefully this blog-vacation will help in the creation of a nice boat-shaped beach playground (complete with slides and cargo net and gangplank!) for some vacationers and their children this summer.

And by this summer I will probably feel like that was well worth two weeks of not blogging.... especially since it's likely that, a few times a week, four of the children on the boat will be mine.

I'll be sure to post photos.


Anonymous kim said...

Wow, what a neat thing to be working on! I think your sketches are great. But I know what you mean about it not coming as easily as other artsy things.

I'll miss your blogging. I mentally 'freaked out' (ok, probably an exaggeration) at waiting until March ... until I realized March is just around the corner. In my head when you said that it was going to be months without your blogging.

Hey, if you're done sketching in March, do you think later March would be a reasonable time for us to come visit? That's not too late in the season, is it?

2/22/2006 6:49 AM  

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