Thursday, February 02, 2006

why Chickie's closet is empty

Poor Chickie. Lovely brightly colored hangers, and nothing to hang on them.

It's because of a killer.

And a cow.

And about 3000 babies.

The 'killer' is Killer Sudoku. My dad sent us an article (sent to him from my brother-in-law) with a link to the new kind of Sudoku puzzle, where you have to figure out which numbers go in what boxes by what adds up to the total in each of the dark rectangles. BigE was reading over my shoulder, and it was love at first site. But he wanted an easier 4x4 version. So we did another sheet for his class... or rather for BigE and one other kid in the class, who are the only local first-graders interested in Sudoku. If you're interested, you can get the sheet here.

The cow and 3000 babies, as well as the papas and tractors, and pigs and assorted other doodles...

...are Mac and Bubbie's latest coloring phase. They no longer hop up to the table, grab a crayon and start scribbling like mad. Instead they hop up to the table, grab a crayon, and make their demands: Baby! baby! putt-putt! Moooooo! After I doodle their request, they happily color it in and demand another.

So the lovely tiny closet made out of a cereal box and toothpick, and the tiny paperclip hangers shown in the Tiny Treasures book, are laying idle on a shelf. This has not escaped Chickie's notice. Only I'm not sure what to put on the hangers without spending hours stitching teeny tiny garments... something I'm not as keen on as making tiny hangers. Maybe I'll try to make a raincoat out of a plastic grocery bag and Scotch tape. Or does anyone have any better quick ideas?

The beautiful translucent metallic paperclips, by the way, are available at Staples. One of the many perks of having a daughter who needs tiny paper clip hangers is getting to buy beautiful paper clips.


Blogger Wool Winder said...

I like the idea of the raincoat. How about other clothes from felt and glue?

2/02/2006 10:36 AM  
Anonymous kim said...

Moogie makes some origami clothes that look about the right size for those hangers ... of course you could make them smaller ... If I can find one around here I'll scan it in ...

I hadn't heard of the Killer Sudoku but I assume you mean your BIL that belongs to me sent it to Poppie? I'm out of the Sudoku loop, apparently!

I love the little doodles. I'm in between on that -- D. is old enough to want to do it all himself again, and A. hasn't discovered quite yet that crayons make marks (although he's tasted a few, and little D. still samples the marker flavors sometimes) ... but I know well the hours making demanded kitties and trying to remember what a cow should look like. LOL

Do you find yourself trying to read the word verification letters? My brain tries to make them into pronounceable words. "widdlepum -- that's a nice name! oooh, fixi-biv!"

2/02/2006 12:43 PM  

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