Monday, March 06, 2006

beads are for hoarding

We had some beads. We bought some more. Cheap plastic beads, seconds and sweepings from Nasco.

We love beads. We string them on strings. We make bracelets and necklaces. We let the babies play too, so long as we can watch closely. And at night after a week or so, mama cuts the strings and puts the beads back in the bucket.

Because beads are for hoarding. They are for making piles. For organizing by color, by shape, by size. For finding your eleventeen favorites. For trading with your brother. For digging deep into the bucket and letting the beads run through your fingers as you look for hidden treasure. Plastic beads, the poor person's jewel chest. There's just nothing like a huge pile of beads.

Until this past week.

Chickie made the above earrings (with very little help from Mama) as a gift for a very important visitor we're having this week.

I made the bracelet below, and Chickie promptly requested another one, only with the fish in rainbow order. And BigE picked out some beads for earrings for Mama.

So... suddenly beads are art. They are ornament. They are more than just treasure to be hoarded - they are to be used, to be combined together, to be worn, to embellish, to decorate.

And, per the kids' request, we're talking to a friend of ours who owns a small shop about whether there might be a market this summer for earrings made by a five-year-old and seven-year-old.

Two kids who would do well to learn a little about self-employment, money-making, consignment fees, pricing, tithing, budgeting, and the hard work that goes along with big dreams....

two kids who, if all else fails, would probably still welcome another excuse to play with beads.


Anonymous Karin said...

Wow...way way way cool! Very cool!

Beads are fun. I've even made a bracelet or two...never ear danglies though, so I'm quite impressed!

Good job everyone! :)

3/06/2006 11:04 AM  
Anonymous kim said...

Those are really neat. Chickie did a beautiful job! I am sure your special visitor will love and cherish them. The fish bracelet is neat, too. What fun beads, too. We only have the cheapy "pony" beads, which are, apparently, for stacking on small plastic bingo circles and dumping when mom isn't looking. I have never had them "contained" well enough to let the babies/toddlers play and be able to successfully regroup them. So they have been taboo.

3/06/2006 11:38 AM  

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