Tuesday, March 21, 2006

note to self

Dear Self,

it is now the equinox. By the solstice you will not believe me unless I present the following evidence.

9 am. The rise under the cedar tree is the first thing melted in the backyard, apart from the failing septic field. Behold, it is also in full sunlight.

So please, this July, buy those bright yellow snowmelt crocuses to plant here. Or some brilliant, rich, intense purple ones. Please-o-please. They really will get enough sunshine here, however shady it looks in July.

12:15 pm. Still in full sun.

You can plant them right up in front of the tree, see? Up where the ground is a few inches higher. The base of the cedar is almost always in the sun, the whole day. I double-checked again this year. For a week now, running.

You aren't fussing about the price, are you, Self? If you succeed in this mission, you are bringing me out of the winter doldrums at least two weeks earlier, as I figure it now. That's two more weeks of vigorous cleaning and scrubbing and energetic re-organizing then you'll get this year. At least that's the theory. Hey, that's worth a $30 gamble, isn't it?

4 pm. Observe the sunshine. Which is still very much present. The house shadows are still a good ten feet away in front of the tree, and the tree shadows are still well away from the base.

Oh, and Self? Don't forget. Bright yellow or purple, as bright as you can buy. Ignore how much you may like pastel shades in the summer. Don't think about subtle tonings and gradations. Skip the bronze penciling and the mottled checkered patterns. Remember. In March you want color, and the more of it the better. OK? OK then. See you soon, I hope.

Thanks a bunch.



Anonymous kim said...

LOL I was just thinking very similar thoughts (save for the methodical sun watching) ... I need a better eye for where to plant. But right now ANY color planted within view of a window would be good. Although I need to be careful not to disturb my squill patches.

What do you recommend for earliest purple?

3/21/2006 1:53 PM  

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