Tuesday, March 14, 2006


The Andfam gave us Pixelblocks for Christmas and only now had time to play, beyond using them as game pieces for imaginary games. Such fun! The blocks are about the size and shape of a single square Lego brick, only they're transparent and come in about 20 colors, and their sides slide together.

we used their online Digital Stained Glass image creator to turn a small picture of a butterfly (shown above) into a very large Monarch, shown below. Their stained glass creator is a slick piece of software, allowing you to tweak your image as you go for best effects, choosing which colors to use or not (we only own 12 of the 20 colors, so we had to turn off 8 colors.)

It gives you a parts list and estimated assembly time at the end, with an online order form if you need to order more of any color. After you're happy with the Pixelblocks version of your picture, it gives you a several-page PDF with a full-size pattern of where the different colors go, so you can assemble your picture right on top of the pattern. I was actually impressed.

It took us probably four or five hours to finish. We used every last orange brick we had (and nearly all our grey and brown) but we had a lot of fun doing it! Now we can't wait to make other things. Unfortunately we need to take the butterfly apart to do it, unless we can come up with a pattern that doesn't use any orange, grey or brown.

Now I want to try making another design using Perler beads (those little plastic tube beads that melt together when ironed or baked) ...another friend gave us a bunch of Perler beads and we haven't decided what to do with them. We could make a whole huge masterpiece, in fact, because Perler beads are cheap! And small! Better resolution! And come in lots of colors! And we could save it at the end! And it would only take us... oh, about a million hours...


Anonymous kim said...

What, you don't have all the colors? I thought for sure we'd got you the *big set* with all the colors so that you wouldn't be limited! Argh! Now I can't remember.

I'm so glad you liked them, I was afraid they'd become one of those "ugh, they just make a mess everywhere" little pieces toys. But they looked fun.

I think we have something like "perler beads" but they're big, around the size of a pony bead? No, smaller than that, but bigger than what the Nasco catalog picture looked. I'll have to look. Do they go on weird little pegboards before being melted together?

3/14/2006 9:39 AM  
Anonymous kim again said...

oh there's **20** colors -- we got the bigger of the two sets we knew of, one only had 8 colors and 825 pieces, the other 2000 pieces and 12 colors. But there's 20! I didn't know that until now! Hmmmmm maybe next Christmas?

3/14/2006 9:52 AM  

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