Saturday, March 25, 2006

spring and winter

Spring is here. Sort of.

Today, March 25, my two earliest crocuses - Korolkowii (above) and Tommasinianus (bottom) - bloomed. That's six days earlier than last year's April 1.

The snowmelt crocuses are tiny and beautiful. You get a sense for their scale when you know that it's the tiny fuzzy leaves of my creeping thyme they are poking out of here.

But the deer, as seen from the back window, attest to the fact that it's still very much winter here. Ever seen a deeraffe reaching the topmost branches? They'll eat cedar only when there's nothing else to eat. Which is why I don't plant deer-candy tulips in my garden.

But the still snow-covered ground makes the teeny tiny blossoms in the melted spots against our east and south walls even more luminescent and beautiful.


Anonymous kim said...

oooh pretty! So even if I'm a week or two or three ahead of you "season" wise, you've got me beat on earliest blooms! We had a dusting of wet snow this morning (um, if you can get a *dusting* when it's wet) and nothing new to report for blooming ... yet ... there are some suspicious monocot blades I'm watching, not sure sure if they're grass or not. That's the biggest drawback to a garden overgrown with grass!

3/25/2006 1:52 PM  

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