Sunday, April 02, 2006

spring break

like nearly everyone else in the Midwest, we headed south this past week for Spring Break.

...South, that is, to Wisconsin.

....OK, so it wasn't exactly tropical.

But at least there wasn't any snow there.

And aside from some time for Papa to do some not-too-exciting KAPping and a little household repair,

there were tractors to climb on.

and sidewalk chalk to draw with.

and a Granny willing to play board games.

and a Papa willing to allow a little time on the computer.

and an Uncle who reads Calvin and Hobbes.

and, best of all (according to the two youngest ones)...

trains came by Granny's front door at least twice a day.

This time Mac and Bubbie were big enough to see the trains, with a little help from the heat register.


Anonymous kim said...

Cuuuute pix! I'd momentarily forgotten BigE's glasses but he sure looks sharp!!!

4/02/2006 8:34 PM  

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