Wednesday, April 12, 2006

these colors are unretouched

The snow we had last week has melted.

We're still working on the big piles of December and January snow, though the rain we're having today helps.

The woods are about 3/4 melted now. And the crocuses are just about done blooming. These pictures (from last week) are all I have to look at on a rainy Wednesday.

Between two mini-vacations and two rake-wielding toddlers when I'm outside, I haven't kept up with the start-to bloom dates of my flowers this year. But I guess I can figure it out with the EXIF data from my digital pictures, if I want to know someday.

I noticed yesterday that my not-scilla is ready to bloom. I noticed it as I just about dug into its home to plant something else there.

Yes, I keep a complete map of all the plants I've planted and where... but I always forget to consult it *before* planting anything!

In other gardening news, I bought some dwarf red Bleeding Heart at Stuff-Mart and discovered how to momentarily interest my seven-year-old son in gardening.

He's excited that he gets to tell people at school that his mother dug a hole in her yard and buried a bleeding heart in it.

To be fair, he was also interested in how the flower got its name and whether or not that dead-looking clump of roots really was alive. We'll find out soon!


Anonymous kim said...

oooh I especially like the crocuseses in the last picture with that pale color.

I bought and planted some bleeding heart 2 years ago ... but they did not fare well. I am not sure they'll come up at all this year. :( I don't know what I did wrong, I bought them because I thought they would be easy to grow ...

How did they get their name? I'll have to look it up.

4/12/2006 3:58 PM  
Blogger kelly said...

Bleeding Hearts need full shade and moisture. beyond that I don't know. I killed one already a few years ago by planting it in a shady DRY area....

The flower shape looks like a heart (like a deck of cards heart) with a drop under it.... so no grand story there. :o)

4/12/2006 4:10 PM  

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